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Coat of Arms Bishop David Arias Pérez, O.A.R.

Coat of Arms Bishop David Arias. O.A.R.
Bishop David Arias, O.A.R.

David Arias Pérez, O.A.R., (born 22 July 1929) is a Spanish-born Recollect friar in the United States. He was appointed as Roman Catholic titular bishop of Badiae and served as an auxiliary bishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark, New Jersey.

Born in Mataluenga, part of the municipality of Las Omañas, in the Province of Leon, Spain,[1] Arias entered the Order of Augustinian Recollects in 1946. He began his seminary studies in 1948 in Monachil and was ordained a priest in Barcelona on 31 May 1952. He was then assigned to teach Natural Sciencesbriefly in a local school, before beginning advanced studies in theology at the Teresianum Institute in Rome, where he received a Diploma in 1964.

He was sent by the Order to serve in their houses in North America, first in Mexico City, then in Kansas City, Missouri. He taught theology at the seminary of the Order there. On 25 January 1983, he was appointed by Pope John Paul II as auxiliary bishop for the Archdiocese of Newark, for which he was ordained on the following 7 April. He was entrusted with the pastoral care of the growing Hispanic population fo the region, representing their interests at various situations on the national level.[2] Arias retired from this office on 21 May 2004.[3]

In 2008, on the 25th anniversary of his ordination as bishop, his hometown of Villaviciosa de la Ribera in Leon renamed the town square in his honor.[4

Coat Coat of Arms Bishop.
Coat of Arms of Bishop Arias
There are five main symbols within the coat of arms: The tower for the Arias family; the lion for his birthplace; the cross of St. James; the coat of arms of the Augustinian Recollects and the carabel of Santa Maria that brought the evangelization to America. The motto is: “Pascere Populum Suum”, taken from the Psalm “God chose David to shepherd his people¨

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